Through participation in the Montana High School Mock Trial Competition, students from all over Montana have a hands-on opportunity to examine the legal process and current legal issues, engage with local attorneys and the judicial branch of government, and develop important critical thinking, presentation, public speaking, and teamwork skills.

Students play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, timekeepers, and courtroom artists (optional).  Students prepare both sides of the case.  A student may be an attorney for one side and a witness for the other, or an attorney for both sides, or a witness for both sides.  Timekeepers keep the competition rounds on schedule.  Courtroom artists provide a visual record of the proceedings.

Teachers help recruit team members, handle team logistics, assist with fundraising, and partner with attorney coaches to prepare students for the competition.

Attorneys/judges/Paralegals/Law Students provide a lawyer's perspective on the case materials and work with the teams to learn trial practice skills and develop trial strategies.  Legal professionals also volunteer as competition judges.

  • Any public or private high school or homeschool group may sponsor one or more mock trial teams

  • Open to Montana students in grades 9 to 12

  • Teams of 6 to 9 students

  • Students can be an attorney, witness, or both!

  • State competition in Helena in March 2021

  • Montana State Champion earns a spot in the National High School Mock Trial Competition in Evansville, IN in May 2021

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